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M.C.Products Ltd and Other Services We Provide

M.C.Products are a chemical and aerosol manufacturer with capabilities which expand beyond just car care products. We offer contract filling and contract aerosol filling services and fill many products for all kinds of industries. We provide highly competitive prices for filling, labelling, packing and storage of most liquid products including most hazardous materials.

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Automated aerosol filling line

We use state-of-the-art automated aerosol filling lines as well as smaller, more specialised equipment capable of efficiently filling smaller runs of aerosol products. This allows us to maintain precision quality and maximise efficiency for both large and small quantities of cans, whether filling a few hundred or tens of thousands. We typically quote customers with an M.O.Q of 240 cans. This is far less than almost any other aerosol filler in the UK. We carry a varied range of aerosol components and both flammable and non flammable propellants and can usually undertake any aerosol filling job no matter how large or small.

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We have been filling aerosols for over 30 years and are happy to offer advice or undertake development work to formulate new aerosol products for new and existing customers. We have a vast library of formulations for various products we have developed over the years and can often give a quote same day for straightforward aerosol products.

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