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Award winning, smear free, rapid use glass cleaner. Contains 0.00% solids, no added fragrance and no cost reducing soaps or surfactants found with almost all other glass cleaners on the market. Dries to a perfect non streak finish every time. Our product is more costly to produce but results in a product regarded by many as the best glass cleaner available in the UK.


Sprayable formula is suitable for both interior and exterior use on any vehicle, as well as around the home. Rapidly removes water spots, dirt, dust, traffic film, bug splats, nicotine, fingerprints and any other dirty or oily residue commonly found on glass windows and windscreens. Leaves a totally residue free surface and is the perfect product for cleaning glass prior to application of a secondary sealant product.


Colour customisation available on full batch quantities (200 and 1000 litres).


PriceFrom £19.30
Customise colour (200L & 1000L only)
  • Spray glass cleaner

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