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Developing the ultimate automotive wax: Premium Ceramic Wax

Updated: Jan 26

Carnauba wax is a naturally occurring wax extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm copernicia prunifera. The plant secretes the wax through its leaves offering protection from the weather and the strong solar rays of its natural environment in Brazil. Carnauba wax also has the benefit of being a gloss enhancer when applied in a thin micro-layer. This makes it the perfect ingredient for car care products, providing bodywork with shine and protection from the elements. The wax is sorted in to different grades depending on the wax's purity and colour, with T1 being the most pure and being generally lighter in colour. This is generally preferred for high end car care products as it is believed that it offers the highest gloss levels.

Carnauba wax use within automotive polishes dates back almost as far as the polishes themselves, however it's inherent hardness has always presented itself as a challenge both for product developers and end users. Many readers will remember the old fashioned tins of car wax which required tremendous effort to apply and buff due to their high carnauba content.

With time, product developers began to realise that the secret to improving the usability of the wax was blending with other synthetic or natural waxes which are softer in nature and therefore lend themselves to easier application and buffing. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wax blends and the market is now saturated with countless different products, each fighting a balance between product performance/durability and usability.

When our development team here at Black Diamond were tasked with creating a new 'ceramic' wax, they took the opportunity to think outside the box and see if there was another, better way. Our chemists managed to create a formula with the total absence of other waxes, instead using a blend of volatile materials which allow the product to be applied evenly and easily buffed to a shine. Once buffed the volatile materials evaporate, leaving behind the rock hard micro-layer of carnauba wax.

Also present within our formula is a specially modified siloxane and amino-siloxane 'ceramic' blend which were selected primarily due to their durability and particularly high gloss. Once applied, the amino-siloxanes cross-link and actually physically bond to the paint surface resulting in a durable, hydrophobic, 'ceramic' coating with excellent weather and detergent resistance.

At Black Diamond we are extremely proud to put our name on this product and offer it for sale to our customers. Some automotive waxes are sold with eye watering (and in our view totally unjustifiable) price tags, but at just £12.17 from our online shop, this product represents excellent value, offering a top of the range wax at a price hardly believable for anyone unfamiliar with the true costs of car wax.

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