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Ready to use handy spray bottle containing a pH neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover which targets brake dust and embedded ferous particles while being completely safe to use on all exterior surfaces.


Contains an exceptionally high level of the active ingredient combined with a high foaming, powerful yet pH neutral cleaning system which removes general traffic film and greasy residue from wheels and tyre sidewalls. Also contains an advanced odour neutraliser which really works to surpress the 'rotten egg' smell found with similar products. The slightly viscous formula clings on to vertical surfaces for increased dwell time and improved iron removal and cleaning. 


Regular treatment with this product keeps paintwork free from embedded iron contaminants which build up on paint surface over time where they can continue to oxidize, causing corrosion and damage to paint finish if ignored. Unlike acid or alkali cleaners, Iron Out does this with zero chance of damage even with sustained use. Iron Out is the go-to product for all high end detailers and valeters who need a quick and efficient cleaner and iron removal system without the risks involved with sustained acid product use.

500ml IRON OUT

  • Wheel cleaner and fallout remover

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