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Versatile product with a multitude of uses both inside and out on any vehicle. High foaming concentrated product which can be used through a foam lance as a pre wash or pre wash additive alongside snowfoam, or put in a trigger or pump sprayer and used to clean wheel arches, tyres, door shuts, engine bays, under bodies, fuel flaps and any other areas not reached with a conventional shampoo wash. Can also be used within vehicle interior for cleaning hard and soft plastics, rubber and vinyl, as well as carpets and fabric. Also suitable for use as a mild degreaser.


Dilutes at varying ratios depending on application and severity of soiling. Some general recommended ratios are:


Degreasing, dewaxing, underbody cleaning and engine bay cleaning: Neat to 1:5

Prewashing: 1:5 - 1:10 then use through pressure washer. Or approx 25/75 G850 to snowfoam.

Interior cleaning: 1:5 - 1:10

Exterior detailing, boot spaces and door shuts: 1:10

Wheel arches and tyres: 1:5


Colour and fragrance customisation available on full batch quantities (200 and 1000 litres).


PriceFrom £14.27
Customise colour (200L & 1000L only)
  • Degreasing detergent

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