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Liquid, pink glaze ideal for new vehicles or for use as a PDI polish. Can be used to fill light swirl marks on used vehicle paintwork.


Designed primarily to give brilliant gloss and originally formulated for new cars in showrooms for that jaw dropping, mirror shine. Perfect for using before a secondary wax product. Contains a complex blend of silicone fluids and 'ceramic' reactive siloxanes which crosslink on paint surface, setting like glass and producing a brilliant shine and durable hydrophobic coating which beads water and replicates the effect of wax. Goes on and buffs off quickly and easily and produces very little dust.




Colour and fragrance customisation available on full batch quantities (200 and 1000 litres).

NEWGLAZE PDI- 'ceramic' polish for new vehicles

PriceFrom £9.72
Customise colour (200L & 1000L only)
  • 'Ceramic' polish for new vehicles

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