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Rinse aid concentrate. Dilutes 100:1.

5 Litres makes 500 Litres of finished product.


Rapidly disperses rinse water to prevent water spotting after washing. Enhances gloss and leaves a durable wax film and chemical barrier on all treated surfaces including both painted and unpainted metals within vehicle undercarriage. Can be used as a regular anti corrosion vehicle underbody coat or as the ultimate lazy mans' wax for vehicle bodywork.


The resulting wax film is compatible with and can be overcoated by separate wax or coating products.


Simply pour correct dosage in to bottle and dilute with demineralised or tap water to 100:1, shake well and then spray a light mist over vehicle bodywork before or after rinsing and then dry as normal. Water will immediately disperse and run off vehicle bodywork and a durable wax film is instantly created.




Colour and fragrance customisation available on full batch quantities (200 and 1000 litres).

RINSE AID - rinse wax and drying aid

PriceFrom £19.16
Customise colour (200L & 1000L only)
  • Rinse wax and drying aid

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