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Concentrated, foaming pre wash detergent originally formulated for removing heavy soiling from HGV's and heavy equipment. A safer and less concentrated alternative to our Super Concentrate TFR. Standard TFR cleans just as well in use but is not caustic and although still alkali in nature, it is far more forgiving on vehicle bodywork if not diluted properly.


Rapidly removes mud, traffic film, brake dust, bug splats, bird lime and any greasy or oily residue on vehicle bodywork. Also makes a brilliant water based degreaser for vehicle engine bay cleaning. Formulated to work effectively in both hard and soft water areas.


For hand spraying dilute at 50:1

For use through pressure washer dilute 10:1 and use at approx 1% through nozzle or just enough to give satisfactory cleaning results.


Colour and fragrance customisation available on full batch quantities (200 and 1000 litres).


PriceFrom £15.64
Customise colour (200L & 1000L only)
  • Powerful prewash

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